Dispute Resolution

A lawsuit or litigation through the court system is not always the best way to resolve a dispute. Increasingly, alternative forms of dispute resolution are employed to assist parties settle the issues between them. Alternative methods include, for example, facilitation, arbitration and mediation. Parties may request mediation or arbitration services when they wish to maintain privacy and avoid costly trial expenses while quickly resolving a dispute. 

Many people realize that litigation produces winners and losers, which is not always an optimal situation if the parties need and/or want to maintain a working relationship. This is why most Judges often order disputing parties to attempt resolution of their lawsuit via alternative dispute resolution methods. The court system realizes that settling disputes outside court will save on legal expenses while also relieving crowded dockets. 

Court rules regarding the use of alternative dispute resolution are constantly changing, and good attorneys continue working hard to learn and adapt to the changes. Pursuant to the Michigan Court Rules, Jeffery A. Cojocar is a certified mediator and case evaluator in both Macomb and Oakland Counties. 

An Efficient and Cost-Effective Approach to Dispute Resolution
To provide even greater opportunities for alternative dispute resolution, Jeffery A. Cojocar created Alternatives to Trial, Inc. This corporation specializes specifically in handling and administering private facilitative mediations and arbitrations for counsel and litigants throughout Michigan. Since Jeffery Cojocar is presently court-approved and recommended as an available arbitrator/mediator throughout Macomb, Oakland, and Wayne Counties, litigants will be able to have their matter correctly managed and resolved in a much more efficient and cost-effective manner. Given that the Law Offices of Jeffery A. Cojocar, P.C. handles all types of domestic and civil cases and alternatives to trial. we are able to lean on this background when it comes to successfully handling virtually any kind of dispute.

Greater Assistance for Local Counsel
Jeffery A. Cojocar also serves as an arbitrator, facilitator, and/or mediator for local counsel, assisting litigants with a sound resolution to their legal matters. He utilizes his vast experience and broad range of practice areas to handle mediations and other methods of ADR on behalf of other litigants in virtually every type of law. As a result, he utilizes ADR practices not only for his clients, but also as a privately hired facilitator, arbitrator or mediator for local counsel who wish to employ his ADR training, experience, and services.

"Alternative methods of dispute resolution empower parties to take a role in crafting creative, flexible solutions to disputes." - Jeffery A. Cojocar

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