Internet Crimes

The Internet is becoming more and more a regular part of our daily lives. As a result, is also a source of numerous charges and allegations by law enforcement for a whole host of crimes. Most crimes involving the Internet and/or computers carry with them severe penalties and potential punishments, and therefore must be handled very delicately. Internet Crimes typically involve a significant amount of research, investigation, and fact-finding to uncover the truth.

This type of detailed representation is what you can expect from the Law Offices of Jeffery A. Cojocar, P.C. We have represented numerous clients in various types of Internet-related crimes and allegations, as well as charges involving the utilization of a computer, including:

  • Fraud
  • Computer fraud
  • Intellectual property theft
  • E-mail crimes such as "phishing"
  • Embezzlement
  • Prostitution solicitation
  • Solicitation of minors online
  • Child pornography possession, distribution or manufacture
  • Stalking and harassment
  • Utilizing a computer to commit a felony

There are many potential defenses to any crime involving the Internet. Perhaps someone else used your computer to commit wrongdoing? Perhaps you inadvertently downloaded suggestive images? Maybe you were entrapped by law enforcement agents? Regardless of the circumstances of your specific case, you still have constitutional rights.

A zealous, well-prepared criminal defense lawyer is an essential advocate if you wish to emerge from pending criminal charges with your reputation and your future as intact as possible. Whether your case requires investigation by computer forensic specialists and other professionals, the Law Offices of Jeffery A. Cojocar, P.C. are prepared to employ whatever strategies and services necessary to ensure a strong legal defense on your behalf.


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