At the Law Offices of Jeffery A. Cojocar, P.C., we provide mediation services to individuals seeking to resolve their family law issues outside of the courtroom. Mediation is an excellent alternative to resolve your case without having to rely on a judge for the final decision.

What Exactly Is Divorce Mediation?
Mediation is a voluntary and confidential process in which two parties meet to discuss their legal issues to reach a binding agreement without having to incur court costs. The mediator guides a productive conversation between the parties, facilitating a cooperative resolution that can benefit everyone involved.

What If Mediation Proves to be Unsuccessful?
If mediation is ultimately unsuccessful, there is no harm done to your legal rights. You are still fully able to pursue your case in court as if mediation had not even happened.

Michigan Mediation in Family Law and Other Civil Litigation
Attorney Jeffery Cojocar regularly represents clients in matrimonial matters, as well as in other types of civil litigation through alternative dispute resolution means (ADR), including mediation. He has many years of experience acting as a mediator and is able to guide clients through all phases of the mediation process to reach the most favorable outcome possible.

Again, it is possible to mediate most family law issues, including child custody and child support. We can also use mediation to solve disagreements regarding divorce settlements, division of marital assets, and child visitation schedules.

"We welcome your inquiry about any mediation or other ADR concern that you may have."

- Jeffery A. Cojocar


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