Post Divorce Modifications

While a divorce or child custody court order may appear "final," life inevitably continues, and things often change. It is not uncommon for one parent or the other to seek a change in child custody and visitation to account for basic life changes, such as;

  • One parent remarries, resulting in a relocation
  • One parent experiences a job change, resulting in a need for a revision of child custody arrangements
  • One or both parties in a divorce experience an increase or decrease in income which may affect the terms of a spousal support or child support order

When It Matters, We Can Modify It

  • Are you seeking to have your child support payment reduced, or have the child support that you receive increased? 
  • Are you contemplating a move out of state? 
  • Do you wish for a change in your parenting time schedules? 

Attorney Jeffery A. Cojocar is well experienced in disputes involving child custody and spousal support, both BEFORE and AFTER the terms of the divorce are finalized. Often, most people who attempted (or completed) a "do-it-yourself" divorce discover after the fact that assets were hidden or divorce was otherwise mishandled, requiring a post-divorce modification. 

"Are you seeking a change of custody with your children? Call me to discuss whether or not a post-divorce modification is right for you." - Jeffery A. Cojocar

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