Prenuptial and Antenuptial Agreements

It is not uncommon for family law attorneys to receive phone calls from clients asking if a pre-marital agreement is a good idea. Chances are if a client is questioning whether a prenuptial agreement is advisable, it most likely is for that particular individual and their future spouse.

Generally speaking, Michigan laws governing marriage and divorce spell out how marital property will be divided in the event of marital breakdown. A prenuptial agreement offers couples the opportunity to devise their own contract, which would then apply in the event their marriage is ever dissolved.

What factors should be considered when deciding if a prenuptial agreement is necessary?

  • If either engaged partner is entering into a second or third marriage
  • If either engaged partner has children from a previous relationship
  • If either, or both spouses-to-be are owners or co-owners of a business
  • If one party has substantially more assets or income than the other
  • If either party anticipates a large inheritance or proceeds from the sale of a business

Is a Prenup Right for You? 
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What's the Next Step?
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