Property Settlements

Dividing marital property can be challenging in any marital dissolution, but it's even more complicated when there are substantial or fluid assets, such as;

  • A business or businesses owned by one or both spouses
  • Stocks, Bonds, Stock Options
  • Real Estate beyond the marital home, such as; a vacation home (condo or single-family dwelling), real estate located abroad, a family cabin, any inherited real estate, a timeshare or an investment rental property, for example
  • Retirement Accounts
  • Unusually Valuable Items, such as; art, antiques, other collectibles or heirloom jewelry

ALL high-value assets must be disclosed appropriately and valued as part of the divorce process. Additional factors may further complicate asset division;

  • An existing prenuptial agreement
  • Competing interests of business partners
  • Business losses or gains
  • Unresolved estates still in probate

To determine equitable property distribution in a divorce involving high-value assets, it's often necessary to hire experts that will objectively and accurately determine the value of a closely-held business, stock options or real estate.

Regardless of your situation, you are encouraged to discuss the complexities of high-asset division in your divorce with an experienced family law attorney. Attorney Jeffery Cojocar is no stranger to unique and difficult civil litigation matters, including high-asset division and property settlement agreements. 

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