From previous clients 


This may seem a bit strange but my husband and I wanted to share the attached picture with you. It is my son Brandon’s Diploma from Nursing School. He received this in August and has since passed his state boards and became an RN last month. He was then offered a really nice job at Royal Oak Beaumont.

You are probably wondering why I am I telling you all of this? Well, if it had not been for you representing him several years ago when he had been arrested for possession of a narcotic, none of the above accomplishments would have been possible. We think of you often and wanted to share our son’s success story with you. Had you not arranged for his record to remain clean with no felony charge he would never have had the opportunity to turn his life around and become a Registered Nurse and, for this, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
— anonymous
EXCEPTIONALLY COMPETENT. My wife and I were afraid I would end up in prison for 4 years. It was serious. It was so serious I hired and fired 2 previous “Super Lawyers” during the process towards trial. Jeff made sure I didn’t even have to go to trial - even though it cost him - since he would have made far more money if my case had gone to trial.

The other 2 attorneys took advantage of me and robbed me of $20,000 for hardly doing anything, and the case still needed even more time and effort. Jeff outperformed those two gougers, who would have most likely ended me up in prison. Jeff returned my initial call ON A SUNDAY. I knew from there, and his calm, assured demeanor that he was the one - and he turned out to be far better than expected.
If you need someone who isn’t going to price gouge you. If you need someone who will really listen and really care. If you need someone who can (at least in my case) perform a miracle. You need to trust Mr. Cojocar to do the best you can possibly hope for - especially if you’re in real trouble.

Thank you Jeff for saving me from a 4 year prison term, and somehow getting me only probation. My wife and family and I can’t thank you enough.
— A.S.
Jeff recently represented me during my divorce proceedings. He made sure I understood every step in the process and showed great care, concern, compassion, and knowledge along the way. Each time we were in court, I witnessed the great rapport Jeff had with the judge, the other attorneys, as well as people we passed in the hallways. It was very obvious he is highly respected by his peers. That’s how I knew I made the right choice in hiring Jeff! His office staff was more than willing to answer all my questions. I honestly feel that Jeff always had my and my children’s best interests at the forefront of every negotiation. I’ve referred this law firm to many people and although I hope to never personally need his services again, I will not hesitate to give him a call if the need arises.
— S. C.
I had a great experience with Jeff and his team. I had a very complicated professional liability suite involving a contractor who I had hired to correct structural issues with my home. I was very happy with the results and would refer him for any legal issues. He is very professional and personable.
— R. P.
It is extremely hard to find honest people these days, especially when it comes to attorneys. After just an initial consultation for a divorce, I knew without a doubt this was the attorney for me. Jeff always made me feel like my concerns mattered and never let a question or e-mail go unanswered. His staff was just as down-to-earth and professional as he was. He fought extremely hard for my and my children’s needs through my divorce proceeding, and I couldn’t have asked for a better result. His billing rate was more than reasonable and he worked with me on payment. I would 1000% recommend Jeff to anybody I know in need of legal help and will always come to him in the future with any needs I have!
— B.
He’s a great attorney super nice and easy to work with. When I had questions or needed to speak with him he got back with me and answered them in a manor that was easy to understand.
— E. M.