What Should I Look for in a Divorce Lawyer?

A frequent question I get from clients is "what should I look for in a divorce lawyer?"

Really, the best answer I can give you is that it is very personalized. Divorce is probably the most personal and subjective area of law that I practice and therefore you really need to pay attention to the issues you have in your case.

  • Are there minor children involved?
  • Is custody going to be in dispute?
  • What type of martial estate or property are we dealing with?
  • Is it going to be a harmonious divorce or an acrimonious divorce?
  • What county is it going to take place in?
  • What kind of relationship does this potential attorney have with the judges in that county?

So really I tell people that you have to find an attorney you are comfortable with, an attorney you trust, and an attorney that can be as aggressive or passive as you want them to be.

Some divorces can be very contentious and fought and litigated heavily.

In others, the goal of the litigants is to get it done as harmoniously and amicably as possible as fast as possible.

Sometimes clients will come to me with an agreement on all issues and just want it done as fast as I can possibly do it.

All in all, I suggest that you find an attorney you can trust, rely upon, someone who will answer all your questions and be responsive, and is really tailored to your families particular situation.